Storing and sharing Victoria’s research data

Welcome to the new VicNode Project web page and blog.

VicNode is building data storage for the Victorian research community. The goal is for VicNode to be the place where researchers can easily store and share research data collections through an affordable, secure and sustainable service.

As a researcher, VicNode will provide you with storage where you can develop, compute and share your data collections, no matter what discipline you are from. Merit-based funding will also be available for you to store collections of Victorian or National significance.

As a research institution, VicNode will help you reduce the cost of storage and provide a place to enable your research to be truly collaborative. It will help you enhance the visibility of your research data, which can increase citations and provide new collaborative opportunities.

VicNode is the Victorian arm of the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project, which is a federally funded initiative to build research data storage services across Australia.

You can find out more in the About VicNode page, and discover the types of data storage VicNode is building in the Storage Types page.