VicNode Project Update for August 2013

From now on in we’ll be posting an update every week or two on the VicNode project to this blog. This is our first one covering stuff happening in August 😉

First up, we have built a central place on the website to store all the VicNode project operational documentation, so far this includes the publication of the:

We’ve shortlisted a bunch of people for the VicNode Collections Manager role, and we’ll be interviewing them next week. Thanks to everyone who applied for this role.

Last week we had the first of a series of round tables with the Victorian eResearch Directors. This will turn into a fortnightly forum for the remainder of the year with the intention of maximising the value Victorian researchers get out of the VicNode project.

Are you a little confused by all the terminology and acronyms going around these days in (e)Research? A glossary of acronyms and storage terms has been added to the VicNode website. The VicNode project team is now working through storage service descriptions and service levels, as well as the financial planning around VicNode.

And last but not least, we’ve shortlisted the membership of the Merit Allocation Committee. Invitations will go out in the next few days. We are hoping to have the membership finalised by the end of August.