VicNode Collections Manager

OWenThe VicNode Project is pleased to introduce the interim Collections Manager Owen O’Neill. Owen will be shaping the role for the next six weeks to help us kick off our Merit Allocation Scheme. He will be working with researchers, eResearch Centers, facilities and research communities across Victoria to promote and establish collections and services on the storage infrastructure VicNode is building.

During 2012-2013, Owen O’Neill has been based at the University of Melbourne’s ITS Research Services department as an analyst working on a project to develop a digital preservation strategy for the University. This project is a collaborative effort between the University Library, central IT Services (ITS) and Melbourne Research, and involved broad consultations with the University’s research community. In 2011 he was based in the University Library where he coordinated the completion of eight ANDS-funded projects.

Prior to joining the University of Melbourne, Owen was responsible for a Federal Government funded project to agree and implement national technical standards to support the interoperability of e-learning systems and content in Australian Vocational Education and Training. He has also previously worked on a number of large University e-learning projects in Australia and Europe.