The VicNode Project is now accepting applications for merit-based storage

open_signVicNode is now accepting applications for merit-based storage!

We are starting the monthly round of Merit Allocation applications in September 2013 and the first round closes on Friday the 13th. Going forward the closing date for each month will fall on the second Friday of the month. In 2013 the dates are:

  • Round 1 – Friday 13th September
  • Round 2 – Friday 11th October
  • Round 3 – Friday 8th November
  • Round 4 – Friday 13th December

Please forward all Merit Allocation applications to

If you need help filling out your form, please get in touch with your University eResearch Director. Alternatively, you can get in touch with the VicNode project office.

The merit allocation committee who will be meeting monthly are:

  • Honorary Professor Daine Alcorn (Chair)
  • Doctor Stefan Schutt, Victoria University
  • Professor Salvy Russo, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Professor Paul Bonnington, Monash University
  • Professor Alistair Moffat, University of Melbourne