VicNode Live with Vault Storage for the Synchrotron

VicNode is excited to announce that two services came online this week.

The Monash Operating Centre now has the capability to provide raw access to Market and Vault storage types. On Thursday last week a service layer wrapping the IBM SONAS infrastructure went live, establishing an underpinning high quality, secure and robust platform for RDSI ReDS, DSDBI, and member supported storage.

Above this infrastructure platform, and over the next period, various research-oriented storage capabilities will be tuned and perfected. One of which will be for native Market and Vault access from R@CMon – Research Cloud node at Monash. Another is the consolidation of research infrastructure identity management, where the agile, highly successful and long-standing identity service from Multi-model Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment – (MASSIVE) is being leveraged. For those who can’t wait and live on the bleeding edge – all are available today through MeRC’s Healthy Hot House service model.

The first collection to make use of the Vault is the Store.Synchrotron-MX. Using the TaRDIS data management application, Store.Synctrotron.MX is now bursting its archival data away from the active data on Computational storage. On Friday VicNode’s first ingested byte of Vault occurred! From here the VicNode team is proceeding with collections of a similar usage methodology.

Look forward to more services and technology roll over into production in the weeks and months to come!  We’re a go on Market and Vault ingestion!