VicNode storage services now live!

VicNode is pleased to announce that the University of Melbourne services have gone live, with all VicNode storage services across both operating centres are now up and running.

The storage infrastructure at the University of Melbourne operating centre is provided by NetApp. The performance FAS3200 disk platform will be used to deliver the Computational and Market storage services and the Vault service will come from the high density E5400 disk platform. Both platforms can be easily expanded to meet the predicted growth rates without interruption.

The total usable storage from today is 2 petabytes, spread across the Vault (1.3 PB), Market (500 TB) and Computational (200 TB) storage services. The amount of storage allocated in each service can be expanded over time as demand goes up..

To tie together research data and research cloud services, the storage services are fully integrated with the Openstack based NeCTAR Research Cloud at the University of Melbourne.

The end result for researchers is the ability to very easily deploy and manage storage via the Research Cloud web dashboard. Initially:

  • Computational storage will be made available as directed connected volumes (iSCSI via Openstack Cinder);
  • Market storage will be made available as NFS and CIFS filesystems (managed via Openstack Manila);
  • Vault storage will be made available as objector storage (via Openstack Swift).

The services at Melbourne are fully duplicated across two University of Melbourne data centres. Local and geographic data protection is provided to prevent against loss of data due to hardware, network and datacentre failures.

VicNode staff are currently working to ingest data from a number of key research data collections, opening up significant Victorian research data to the national and international research community.