LiveArc Training at VicNode


On behalf of VicNode, the University of Melbourne hosted two Mediaflux/LiveArc training courses last week. This was funded by RDSI in preparation to the roll-out of the LiveArc infrastructure to the Nodes. All nodes sent attendees.

The first 2 days was the System Administration course where all attendees built and configured a virtual server on their own laptops. The second course was three days where individual collection and user definitions were created and managed, and numerous ingestion and meta-data strategies were discussed and trialled. Brian O’Connor from Architecta was the instructor and there was a full day with demonstrations drawn from Alex Maddern’s extensive experience with the product.

Thanks to Andy for procuring the training room in the Faculty of Business and Economics. Power cords and Kambrook were supplied to keep everyone online. Eduroam kept us all connected and sandwiches and coffee to keep us going.

The VicNode LiveArc service will undergo testing in a week or two. A further announcement will be made when VicNode is ready to give user access.