Vault Storage Service Uplift at Monash

The final round of RDSI funding is having an effect on the quality and capacity of the storage services available to researchers through VicNode.

Next Tuesday, December 2, the Monash operating centre will be installing additional hardware on the Automated Tape Library (ATL). The expansion cabinet will be able to host significantly more media. The growing size of the content stored will be complemented with six additional tape drives to increase the recall performance, and reduce delays.

Recalls from Tape Suspended on Tuesday, December 2, 10am to 4pm.

The ability to recall data from tape will be temporarily suspended from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday December 2, to accommodate this installation. Data can continue to be written as normal, and will be queued for backup within the normal business procedures that day. Any data already on the disk cache will also be readily available for read and rewrite. Only data that has not been accessed in the last two weeks and has been migrated to tape will be temporarily unavailable.

All affected collections have been contacted directly.

For more detailed technical information, please contact VicNode Support.