Aspera Workshop held at V3


RDSI attendees at the Aspera Workshop held at V3 training room facility in Melbourne.


V3 recently hosted a two day workshop about Aspera, the data transport product purchased by RDSI for all the nodes as part of the DaShNet program. VicNode staff (Owen and Stephen) attended as did representatives from both the University of Melbourne operating centre (Devendran) and Monash operating centre (Adrian and Grischa). The instructors were the two inventors of the Aspera methodology and Co-Founders of the company; Michelle Munson (CEO) and Serban Simu (VP Engineering). Their extensive knowledge and experience along with their informal approach made every question into a lesson on fast forward.

The first day was a tour-de-force of the full product suite, its capabilities and future enhancements. Day two concentrated on developer interests, the SDK and documentation. It was no surprise that both days went overtime.

VicNode continues to make good use of the Aspera application in a variety of situations.

• Data ingest of 32TB from RMIT (Circus Oz Collection)
• Data transfer of 56TB from the Murcheson Array (Smaug Collection)
• Ingest of data from the USA directly into VicNode while a researcher is visiting an overseas facility (Bryson-Richardson Lab)

In the last case, Robert Bryson-Richardson sent a few screen shots of his experience and said “I think for working away from Monash it has proven to be a truly excellent solution. Transferring the data back to Monash directly has allowed us to start analysing it whilst still overseas and optimise our experiments accordingly.”


Screen Grab showing data rates from a desktop system in the USA to VicNode storage.