Monash Operating Centre planning for the first expansion of storage

Through the RDSI Board Allocation Process the Monash operating centre has increased tape library capacity from the initial 1.2PB (raw) to 7.8PB (raw) to support demand for VicNode Vault and Market storage, and allows for 2 copies of each data object to be maintained. An additional 250TB of VicNode Computational storage is being added to the existing Ceph cluster providing volume storage to NeCTAR instances in the monash-02 zone of the research cloud.

An exciting new addition at Monash is almost 5PB (raw capacity) of software-defined storage powered by Dell servers and disk arrays with a Mellanox network fabric, these servers run the Ceph clustered storage software. This storage will be flexibly presented through object storage APIs (S3 and Swift) and various file servers offering modern CIFS and NFS interfaces.  These servers have access to the tape library for data backup and/or archive features

The new systems and capacity have been installed with commissioning scheduled to complete by mid-February. We expect to be offering initial access by mid-March.