Mediaflux Training for end users held at University of Melbourne

Mediaflux Training Class at Vicnode

Mediaflux Training Class at Vicnode

Last week, the University of Melbourne hosted the second day of a two day training course for end users of the Mediaflux data management application (previously known as LiveArc). The course material was tailored at the request of VicNode, to emphasize the ingest and curation of  digital assets by collection custodians and the following local first line support by VicNode staff. Having both users and support staff in the same training forum has helped form the overall VicNode Mediaflux service.

The course was delivered on both days by Brian O’Conner of Arcitecta.

The first day, held the week before, consisted of hands-on exercises using the Arcitecta Desktop web front end to Mediaflux called Hydrogen. Being Java based, it allows use from many client desktops and platforms. The second day was mainly about the command line tool called aterm.

Follow this link for a description of the Mediaflux access method.

The VicNode Mediaflux server has had a new certificate installed and training videos have been uploaded. Please contact for access.