VicNode supporting the implementation of Figshare research data repositories in Victoria

The University of Melbourne has launched a new Research Data Repository using Figshare along with VicNode storage infrastructure. The Figshare repository software enables researchers to store, publish, cite and share research data and results. This approach is different from a usual VicNode collection in that it is a collection of collections accessible through a single website.

The new Figshare repository enables University of Melbourne researchers with digital research data to upload, publish and cite their collections without requiring a separate VicNode storage application.

VicNode has been pleased to provide the underlying storage using RDSI infrastructure at its University of Melbourne operating centre. A similar service at the Monash operating centre will become available later in 2015 to cater for researchers based there.

Click here to find out more about Figshare through VicNode.
Click here to access the Univerity of Melbourne Figshare Research Data Repository.