VicNode Workshop

On Friday 10 July, VicNode hosted a Workshop to close out the VicNode Project and officially launch into the operational phase. Our team has grown over the last year so it was great to come together to celebrate our successes, learn from our experiences, and look ahead to the future

The VicNode project begun in January 2013 and came to an end on 30 June 2015.  During the course of the project VicNode has  completed the following activities:

  • set up operational centres at Monash University and the University of Melbourne which host:
    • new technology
    • low level, scalable Infrastructure as a Service
    • basis for next generation of storage for Victoria
  • established the VicNode Establishment Committee, eResearch Directors Advisory Group and VicNode Merit Allocation Committee to oversee project deliverables, strategy and activities
  • ran a 19 month ReDS Merit Allocation Scheme with over 108 applications received for research data storage collections. This scheme approved over 3.9PB of research data from 13 universities and research institutes
  • ingested 2.13 PB of research data

The operational phase of VicNode will be centered around The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) funded activities which will focus on creating tools, applications and communities around the storage infrastructure. The activities will focus on the following areas

Ongoing VicNode and institutionally supported storage at the Monash operating centre is supported through the Monash eResearch centre.

Ongoing VicNode and institutionally supported storage at the University of Melbourne operating centre is supported through the Research Platform Services team.