Going faster and further with University of Melbourne collections

Getting data to some distant user or research collaborator can be a very frustrating experience. If too large for email attachments (<10MB), using some intermediate cloud storage (<10GB) might work to a point, but when your data gets very large (100GB+), communications can become a bottleneck.

In those cases either too distant or too large, VicNode can help.

Data collections hosted on VicNodes Market service at the University of Melbourne can now access the Aspera Shares service. This is the first Aspera service available from VicNode. When a collection is connected to the Aspera Shares service, a logged in user can transfer data at maximum speed between their desktop and VicNode storage.

Over 225TB of data has already been ingested and shared by this method. Examples are bushfire data from California and astronomy data from Murchison Wide Field Array. The collection owner is always under the control of who can read or write data.

With a little extra work, data can be transported directly between research systems and bypass the desktop.

If you think your collection might benefit from Aspera Shares, contact the Infrastructure Specialist (Stephen Dart) via the support@vicnode.org.au email address for more details.