Planned non-disruptive maintenance at The University of Melbourne operating centre on January 19 and January 20

The University of Melbourne operating centre is planning two separate non disruptive 2-hour maintenance windows to perform essential maintenance on VicNode storage infrastructure next week.

Day 1: 19 January 11am – 1pm

Day2: 20 January 11am – 1pm

The affected storage products are:

  • VicNode@UoM – Market (NetApp Cluster)
  • VicNode@UoM – Vault (NetApp E-series)


We expect this to be a non-disruptive maintenance work.


  • It is recommended that users to retain a local copy of the data they are currently working on if access to the data is required during the maintenance
  • Ensure that the above items are completed well in advance of the maintenance start time

Users will be notified when the maintenance has been completed

If you have any queries regarding this planned maintenance work, please contact us by email: