Monash Outage Scheduled for January 21, Market and Vault Shares Unavailable

VicNode has been advised that an outage is required at the Monash Operating Centre to upgrade network access to the storage system. Access only to Market and Vault shares located at Monash will be disrupted. Computational allocations are not affected by this outage. No data is at risk and operations are proceeding normally.

The Monash Network team have proposed a date and time outside normal business hours to minimize any potential disruption to VicNode users workflow, but have also asked if there were plans scheduled for the same time. If this time and date will affect your planned operations, please contact us via

Date: January 21, 2016 (Thursday)
Time: 18:00~19:00 AEDT (6pm~7pm)
Duration: ~1 hour

Services Affected:
. Monash Market – Shares on SONAS
. Monash Vault – Shares cached on SONAS, stored on TSM/HSM

Collections Affected:
2013R1.2 Circus Oz Living Archive Collection
2013R2.1 Store.Synchrotron
2013R4.1 Clueweb12
2013R4.5 LTRAC
2013R4.7 The Nold Laboratory
2014R6.1 Monash Microimaging Data Store
2014R8.1 Wide-field images of low redshift galaxies
2014R8.2 FLAIR and Bio-Engineering, Dept of Mech & Aerospace Eng, Monash University
2014R8.3 Global IP activity probes, 2003 to 2013
2014R9.02 Store.Synchrotron
2014R9.05 Centre for Electronic Media Art and Animation Data
2014R9.06 Interferome-Interferons Regulated Genes Catalog
2014R9.08 Monash Histology Platform Aperio Data Storage
2014R9.09 Visual History Archive
2014R10.1 Monash Biomedical Imaging Data Collection
2014R10.2 Monash Biomedical Proteomics Facility
2014R10.9 Synchrotron Imaging and Medical Beamline Data
2014R11.01 Squirrel
2014R11.03 Structural Cryo-Electron Microscopy Data Store
2014R11.05 Medical Chemistry Research Data Archive
2014R11.10 Next Generation Sequencing @MicroMon
2014R11.11 Bryson-Richardson Lab Data Collection
2014R11.12 AuScope Underworld Archive
2014R11.16 MHTP Medical Genomics Facility Genomics Data Collection for Collaboration
2014R11.18 FLAIR Experimental Data Sets
2014R12.1 Biomedical Applications of Phase Contrast X-ray Imaging
2014R12.2 Persistence and adaptation genomics collection
2014R12.4 Eliminate Dengue Technology Transfer and Innovation Platform Digital Assets
2014R12.5 Monash Functional Anatomy & Biomechanics 3D scan data
2014R14.4 Stock Price Impact Models
2015R15.1 RNA Systems Biology Lab
2015R15.2 Genome-wide mapping of cardiac regulatory elements
2015R15.4 Institute of Railway Technology
2015R15.5 XMFIG Data Store
2015R17.1 Victoria Fire Weather Climatology Dataset
2015R19.2 Bee Insect Project
2015BAP1 Monash Bioinformatics Platform
2015BAP2 Boyce Lab Microbiology
2015BAP3 Curtis Lab Medicine
2015BAP4 Reprogramming and Epigenetics
2015BAP5 BPA Metadata
2015BAP7 Kay Hodkins
2015BAP10 Centre of Excellence for Integrative Brain Function

Any collection making use of SONAS shares via NFS mounts to any host server such as NeCTAR VMs should arrange to dismount prior to and remount the shares after the scheduled downtime. Your VM may require a reboot .

Collection Owners and their technical contacts should have already received this notification by direct email. If you know/hear of someone affected by this outage but has not receive a notification email, please alert us to update the their contact details.

Access to Monash Computational allocations (NeCTAR) will not be affected.

We apologize in advance for this disruption and hope that the timing is not too inconvenient.

Stephen Dart | VicNode Research Data Infrastructure Specialist