Aspera Shares Outage Scheduled for weekend of April 2~3

VicNode has been advised that an outage is required to upgrade the Aspera Shares Data Transfer Node at Monash. This does not affect the VicNode storage systems. Market and Vault shares will continue to operate, but access via Aspera Shares will not be available. Computational allocations are not affected by this outage and will continue to be accessible via NeCTAR. No data is at risk and operations are proceeding normally.

The Monash Server team have proposed a date and time outside normal business hours to minimize any potential disruption to VicNode users workflow, but have also asked if there were plans scheduled for the same time. If this time and date will affect your planned operations, please contact us via

Date: April 2 thru 3, (Saturday/Sunday)
Time: 8:00 ADST Saturday ~ 19:00 AEST Sunday
Duration: ~2 Days

Services Affected:
. Aspera Shares – Shares on

Collections temporarily inaccessible via Aspera Shares:
2013R1.2 Circus Oz Archive
2013R4.7 Nold Laboratory
2014R8.1 Sky Survey
2014R8.3 Global IP Survey
2014R10.9 IMBL (Australian Synchrotron)
2014R11.11 Bryson-Richardson Lab
2014R12.1 Phase Contrast X-Ray
2014R13.2 4D computed tomography and lung function imaging
2015R17.1 Victoria Fire Weather Climatology
2015R19.2 Bee Insect Project
2015MON001 Earth Observation Data
RITP-200 Advanced Molecular Imaging

We apologize in advance for this disruption and hope that the timing is not too inconvenient.

Stephen Dart | VicNode Research Data Infrastructure Specialist