Mediaflux available at VicNode – University of Melbourne Operating Centre

VicNode would like to announce that it is now operating a Mediaflux service available through the University of Melbourne Operating Centre.

Mediaflux is the core product of Arcitecta, and is a very rich, capable and secure data management platform. It can be used for curating, managing, protecting, and controlling all types of data, through all phases of the data’s lifecycle.

There has been substantial national investment in Mediaflux with servers operating in many Australian research environments. In particular, the Research Data Storage Infrastructure (RDSI) project invested in unlimited license Mediaflux systems at eight different nodes across Australia. The VicNode Mediaflux service is operated by The University of Melbourne’s Research Platform Services which provides centrally provisioned storage, data management, compute (cloud and HPC) and training.

Some features of the VicNode Mediaflux service are:

  • Users get a project under which they have control of the contents, structure and access rights
  • Users can login via their Australian institutional credential (Australian Access Federation; AAF) or have a local account provisioned if that is not available
  • Data upload, download and access is provided through a number of interfaces which can be customised to best fit your needs
  • Contextual metadata can be extensibly associated with your workspace and your data
  • All data are replicated to Disaster Recovery Mediaflux server in a separate data centre and the database is backed up nightly

If you are interested in using Mediaflux for your data management please contact us at