DaRIS capability available at VicNode

VicNode supports the DaRIS (Distributed and Reflective Informatics System) capability for managing bio-medical imaging and offers a DaRIS service.  DaRIS is built with the Mediaflux platform, which is also a core VicNode capability.

The DaRIS system has many functions (e.g. see here for more information). However, basically it provides:

  • A managed, secure, searchable repository to hold collections of data
  • Data organisation by Project, Subject, Study and DataSet and allows the addition of meta-data to provide better research context
  • Management of users permissions for each Project through roles (project admin, user, guest)
  • The means to upload directly from scanners (e.g. DaRIS is at the heart of data operations at the Melbourne Brain Centre imaging unit) or via other clients (e.g. upload my data from my desktop)
  • The means to directly send data (with format conversion e.g. DICOM to NIFTI)  to destinations (e.g. a high-performance computing environment) for analysis.
  • The means to share data with external users via shareable links.
  • The means to hold primary (raw) and processed data
  • Substantial inter-operability with other systems, especially (but not only) those dealing in DICOM data.  For example, it provides an OAI-PMH layer to harvest meta-data to collection registries (e.g. ANDS RDA).
  • A redundancy capability for your data in a separate location

Whether your collection has been aggregated from many places, and needs to now be secured and uploaded into a managed environment, or is being collected now at one specific scanner, the data can be managed with DaRIS and your research processes and outcomes enhanced.

Please contact VicNode if you would like to explore using DaRIS to manage your data.