University of Melbourne Digitisation Centre and Humanities Research Data Storage

The VicNode Culture and Community engagement officers, Tyne Sumner and Meredith McCullough, recently toured the Melbourne University Digitisation Centre (UDC) as part of VicNode’s ongoing commitment to supporting the humanities, arts and social sciences research disciplines. These disciplines, which underpin culture and communities, hold datasets that form important parts of our cultural heritage. There are many such datasets, but they are typically small in size. They are also typically heterogeneous, but capable of being linked and connected.

In aiding the digitisation these datasets, prior to the storage, analysis and dissemination of them through VicNode, the UDC provides a range of digitisation services to the University community. These services range from general advice, to digitisation of Library collection items, training and support.

As well as the primary business of digitising Collections assets, the UDC provides tailored services to researchers. The services include:

  • consultations to improve understanding of how digitisation of research records and assets can facilitate research;
  • guidance in meeting record-keeping obligations; and,
  • quotes for digitisation to facilitate grant applications

UDC has the capability to digitise a wide range of 2D materials and some 3D objects through the use of book scanners, document scanners, photography and more. Outputs range from digital preservation images to access formats like Jpeg and Pdf.Scanner2Scanner4


Information on the scanners used can be found at

For University of Melbourne researchers, these services are either fee-for-service or self-service, where you can use professional equipment with established workflows in a supported environment. Value adding services include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate searching text and forms design to improve data gathering in a range of applications.

For further information or general enquiries:

Phone: +61 3 8344 6161