Integrating Gene Sequencers with the Cloud at VicNode Monash Operating Centre

The Monash Bioinformatics Platform, MyTardis, the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory and the R@CMon teams have joined forces to pioneer the “instrument integration” agenda into gene sequencing. MyTardis is unique in that it allows all three – researchers, storage/institutions and facility managers – to govern and automate data produced by instruments, whilst maintaining data provenance and durability.

The new MyTardis-seq benefits gene sequencing facility managers and researchers alike by providing an automated and structured method to capture, store and share the results of sequencing runs with associated quality reports and metadata.


It was developed for and deployed at the Monash Health Translational Precinct Genomics sequencing facility ( in partnership with the discipline specific data services of RDS. MyTardis-seq runs on the NeCTAR cloud and stores its raw data on the RDS-funded VicNode @ Monash storage. The MyTardis open-source software has been largely funded by the ANDS, NeCTAR and RDS projects.

Users of the facility can access their raw data and quality reports online in real-time. Data is provided securely in the web or via secure FTP.

MyTardis-seq’s instrument integration pipeline from data generation to capture.

Facility managers are provided with a holistic view of all gene sequencing data production, quality reporting and statistics collection.

A paper has been written on the web site that discusses our solution and its use for other gene sequencing facilities:

For more information please contact Steve Androulakis