Monash University Data Centre Move in 2017

Monash University will be shifting the location of its “research data centre” (by approximately 2kms). Monash hosts over 3800 direct users on nationally accessible and privately prioritized research computing infrastructure, many of which are effected by this move.

The move will take place in 2 phases:

Phase 1: 14 – 22 January 2017

High performance computing and research data systems will be completely offline. Users won’t be able to log in during this week.

Phase 2: early February – early March 2017

Research Cloud will be moved gradually, while keeping the overall service online. Existing Research Cloud instances/VMs will be offline – migrated to the new facility. A one hour downtime per instance is expected.

What this means for VicNode users

Users of the Ceph Market (VicNode) will be offline migrated between the two data centers, a key technological advantage of our Ceph approach. During this period some performance degradation maybe felt and some users may have nuances that cause minor outages. Users of the SONAS (VicNode) infrastructure will have an outage. We urge you to download any data that you may need access to during the outage period.

For the full notice and more information on how this will affect your research please see the Monash Notice below

If you have any specific questions, require advice and/or assistance, or wish to further discuss your needs or concerns, please contact