SONAS degraded Vault service notice for Saturday, April 29.

On Saturday, April 29, the Monash operating centre will be installing an expansion cabinet with 1000 slots for media on the Automated Tape Library (ATL). We have established the expansion can be executed under a degraded service rather than requiring a service-wide outage. Some technical detail is provided here to demarcate affected parts of the service. This upgrade enables an additional 4PB of tape media capacity, where new media cartridges will be added later as part of normal operations without additional interruption to services.

Recalls from Tape Vault Suspended on Saturday, April 29, 10am to 4pm.

The ability to recall data from tape will be temporarily suspended from 10am to 4pm, Saturday April 29, to accommodate this installation. Data can continue to be written as normal, and will be queued for backup/HSM within the normal business procedures that day. Any data already on the Vault disk cache will also be readily available for read and rewrite. Only data that has not been accessed in the last week and has been migrated to tape will be temporarily unavailable.

The effect of the suspension will be to stall user file read opens for files not in the cache until full service is resumed. Users expecting to have work in progress over the weekend can request the recall of the required Vault data prior to the upgrade, to maintain their workflow.

Data Custodians with Collection allocations that use Vault at the Monash operating centre have been contacted via email to their registered contact email addresses.