VicNode is a joint venture between Monash University and The University of Melbourne on behalf of all Victorian universities aimed at providing storage, sharing and long-term retention of research data for all  researchers.

VicNode is operated for Victorian and Australian researchers and research institutions through operating centres at Monash University and The University of Melbourne. All research data hosted at VicNode is located in Victoria In accordance with Victorian law.


VicNode’s mission statement:

‘Researchers can easily store and share research data (collections) through an affordable, secure and sustainable service’


VicNode’s vision is to provide a service that is:

  • Cost-effective. VicNode is considerably cheaper for Victorian research institutions. Victorian research organisations can leverage VicNode’s economies of scale as an alternative to capital investment in their own storage infrastructure.
  • Sustainable. It is expected that the Commonwealth will continue to fund infrastructure provision and refresh for the foreseeable future. Monash University and the University of Melbourne, who together, account for around 90% of Victorian research data, will themselves use the facility for their own research data storage, thus effectively underwriting the service.
  • Growing. Further investment will continue through till 2016 and beyond.
  • Robust and secure. The service is highly robust and secure, providing high availability and a range of best practice data protection capabilities, including snapshotting and geographically separated duplication.
  • Local. VicNode is located in Victoria and therefore underpinned by Victorian law. A key concern of researchers, and funders of research, is that data remains under local jurisdiction. VicNode servers are located in Melbourne, Victoria.
  • Integrated. VicNode services are tightly integrated with existing NeCTAR Cloud services as well as the AARNet and VERNet networks which connect Victorian institutions and research precincts.

What we can offer

For researchers in Victoria, we offer;

  • A comprehensive set of storage products and services where you can store your research data, regardless of what discipline you are from.
  • Storage services that are closely tied to existing services like the NeCTAR Research Cloud, the Australian Synchrotron, MASSIVE and VLSCI.
  • A place where you can share data and control who you share it with.

For research institutions in Victoria, we;

  • Enable extensive collaboration and sharing of research data beyond your institutional boundaries both nationally and internationally.
  • Foster participation in the development of an open research data management infrastructure that can be used and expanded by all Victorian research institutions to meet their data management needs.
  • Guarantee low institutional data storage costs.

We Will;

  • We will work with you one-on-one to deliver a fit-for-purpose solution.
  • We will provide support for the duration of our engagement.

We Will Not;

  • We will not charge you fees that are not directly related to your allocation.
  • We will not charge consultation fees.