If you have any additional questions, please contact VicNode Support.

What is VicNode?

VicNode enables Victorian researchers and their collaborators to easily store and share research data through an affordable, secure and sustainable infrastructure and service. It provides storage solutions to suit a variety of research data storage needs, with experts available help you choose the best storage service, and support you in the use of the services.

VicNode services were designed by the research community for research. VicNode is part of RDS, a national network of research data nodes. The storage services are hosted locally in Victoria at the University of Melbourne and Monash University and are connected at high bandwidth to the VeRNet and AARNet research networks.

How much do VicNode storage services cost?

VicNode services are operated by the University of Melbourne and Monash University, who both operate the VicNode storage services on a not-for-profit basis.  The way each of these operating centres internally fund and subsidize the services varies greatly so get in touch with us for more information.

If you are not a University of Melbourne or Monash University researcher or affiliate, you will be charged a small fee to help us operate and manage the service. Please get in touch with us for more information.

How much access control do I have over data I store on VicNode?

As the owner of research data on VicNode, you will have complete control over who can access your data.

Do I need to make my data publicly accessible for it to be stored on VicNode?

No, data on VicNode does not need to be made public. The researcher responsible for a research data collection will have control over the access rights to that collection.

However, if you have received funding under the ReDS merit scheme, you will be required to open your research data to an appropriate research community. This community may be limited, and controls can be put in place (eg. people who have access need to sign an agreement).

How can I change the description of my collection on the VicNode Collections page?

Just email VicNode Support with the name of your current collection and the details that you would like changed.

Is VicNode only for Victorian researchers and research institutions?

No, researchers from across Australia can apply to have their data stored on VicNode, and users can come from anywhere in the world.

What happens if my merit collection continues to grow beyond June 2015?

The RDSI ReDS merit scheme ends in June 2015. From 1 July 2015, VicNode will pass the costs of infrastructure expansion and its operations to the research institutions using the service. As such any expansions to the service will need to be approved by those institutions. Please talk to your referral partner to understand the cost implications of growth for research data stored.

How will VicNode be funded after the conclusion of the RDSI project?

The University of Melbourne and Monash University are backing VicNode storage as their internal research data storage solution.  As such, even if VicNode were to no longer receive federal funding, the infrastructure would continue to be supported in perpetuity.

The ongoing operations of VicNode will be funded by the institutions and organisations that are using VicNode services, where the operational cost is directly proportional to the level of storage allocated to an organisation.

How do I change contact details for my collection?

If you want to change your contact details please download our VicNode Change Collection Information Form, fill it out and email to support@vicnode.org.au

How do I request changes to my storage allocation or storage type?

If you want to change your storage allocation or storage type please download our VicNode Change Collection Information Form, fill it out and email to support@vicnode.org.au