DaRIS (Distributed and Reflective Informatics System) is a subject-oriented informatics application built with the Mediaflux data management platform. Its primary use is to supply biomedical imaging data management and integration with instruments and research computing infrastructure.

RDSI has provided each node with an unlimited Mediaflux license, therefore, DaRIS can be a cost effective Mediaflux addon for researchers to manage their biomedical imaging data on RDS storage.

VicNode DaRIS is deployed on the VicNode Mediaflux server and it is available for all Victorian researchers. It presents web browser interface, as well as integration with medical imaging facilities using the DICOM protocol.

Accessing VicNode DaRIS

The VicNode DaRIS Service can be accessed via your web browser: VicNode DaRIS Web Portal.

DaRIS Documentation

All DaRIS documentation is available at the Research Platform Services Wiki, The University of Melbourne.

You can also download the DaRIS Service Description

Managing your data collection using DaRIS

Apply for RDS storage

If you decide to use DaRIS to manage your image data collection, you need to apply for VicNode RDS storage.

Create a DaRIS project

Each data collection managed by DaRIS exists as a DaRIS project. Once you have an approved storage allocation on VicNode, you can request a project for your collection on VicNode DaRIS. The project utilises the storage you applied for as the backend storage. To apply for a VicNode DaRIS project, contact VicNode DaRIS Support.

If you decide to operate your own DaRIS instance (by deploying DaRIS on your own Mediaflux server), you can contact VicNode DaRIS support for help. (See the DaRIS service description document for more details.)

Upload data to VicNode DaRIS

To upload data to your VicNode DaRIS project, you can choose to use one of the following methods:

  • Web portal upload

You can upload data via the DaRIS web portal. This requires Java and Arcitecta DTI Java applet. During the upload process the metadata can be extracted and indexed.

  • Dicom ingest

You can upload data via the DICOM protocol using any DICOM Storage SCU client. Therefore, images can be ingested directly from imaging facilities e.g. MR or CT scanners.

  • Client upload

You can use Mediaflux/DaRIS clients to upload data to DaRIS. VicNode DaRIS Support can help you customise the clients or develop your own scripts for uploading data.

Accessing your data in DaRIS

Once your data is uploaded into DaRIS, you can view, search, download or share the data via the DaRIS web portal. Alternatively, data can be downloaded using the DaRIS client applications or scripts.