Access the University of Melbourne Figshare Repository now.
Access the Monash University Figshare now.

What—Researchers can upload all of their research outputs to their authorised institutional repository using VicNode storage via the Figshare interface, thus making them shareable and/or publicly available. Users can upload files in any format and items are attributed a DOI. FigShare is accessed through a web-based interface.

Why—Figshare is intended for the “long tail” of researchers who have relatively small datasets in relatively common file formats. Figshare has inbuilt functionality to preserve versions, create metadata records and create DOIs for these types of datasets, enabling citations to research data collections.

How—Figshare is only available by institutional partnership. Both Monash University and University of Melbourne have a partnering arrangement with Figshare for the delivery of this solution. Australian researchers will be able to access Figshare and its functionality, using VicNode infrastructure to provide the storage and authentication by AAF.