VicNode Supports MyTardis—an open source solution that began at Monash University to solve the problem of users needing to store large datasets and share them with collaborators online. Its particular focus is on integration with scientific instruments, instrument facilities and research lab file storage. Our belief is that the less effort a researcher has to expend safely storing data, the more likely they are to do so.

This approach has flourished with MyTardis capturing data from areas such as protein crystallography, electron microscopy, medical imaging and proteomics and with deployments at Australian institutions such as University of Queensland, RMIT, University of Sydney and the Australian Synchrotron. The Australian Synchrotron deployment alone has captured over 20 terabytes and 10,000 datasets, archiving and providing data access and sharing tools to its community of thousands.

MyTardis makes it simple to share datasets with collaborators inside or external to their institution, with an easy to use sharing interface. Later on, they can open up access to their data, providing a DOI in their research paper for anyone to access. This approach has seen data in MyTardis referenced in journals such as Science, Nature, PNAS, Plos One and more

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