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Merit Round 9: Congratulations to 10 new successful applicants

VicNode would like to congratulate all of the data custodians whose collections were approved in round 9 of the merit application process. The collections are:

VicNode storage services now live!

VicNode is pleased to announce that the University of Melbourne services have gone live, with all VicNode storage services across both operating centres are now up and running.

The storage infrastructure at the University of Melbourne operating centre is provided by NetApp. The performance FAS3200 disk platform will be used to deliver the Computational and Market storage services and the Vault service will come from the high density E5400 disk platform. Both platforms can be easily expanded to meet the predicted growth rates without interruption.

The total usable storage from today is 2 petabytes, spread across the Vault (1.3 PB), Market (500 TB) and Computational (200 TB) storage services. The amount of storage allocated in each service can be expanded over time as demand goes up..

To tie together research data and research cloud services, the storage services are fully integrated with the Openstack based NeCTAR Research Cloud at the University of Melbourne.

The end result for researchers is the ability to very easily deploy and manage storage via the Research Cloud web dashboard. Initially:

  • Computational storage will be made available as directed connected volumes (iSCSI via Openstack Cinder);
  • Market storage will be made available as NFS and CIFS filesystems (managed via Openstack Manila);
  • Vault storage will be made available as objector storage (via Openstack Swift).

The services at Melbourne are fully duplicated across two University of Melbourne data centres. Local and geographic data protection is provided to prevent against loss of data due to hardware, network and datacentre failures.

VicNode staff are currently working to ingest data from a number of key research data collections, opening up significant Victorian research data to the national and international research community.

ReDS Merit Scheme: Congratulations to 14 new successful applicants

With great pleasure, VicNode would like to announce and congratulate all of the successful applicants so far for 2014 for the ReDS Merit Scheme. These are:

  • Murchison Widefield Array Epoch of Reionization Archive (EOR)
  • OzFluz Data Portal
  • Monash Microimaging Data Store
  • Next Generation Sequencing of Extracellular RNA
  • Prosper protease substrates and cleavage site data
  • 1000+ Plant and Algae Next Generation Sequencing Transcriptomes
  • Australian Equities Database
  • Cooperative Research Centre for Mental Health Biobanks
  • Melbourne Neuropsychiatry Centre – Distributed and Reflective Informatics System
  • Widefield images of low redshift galaxies
  • endoVL Data Storage
  • FLAIR and Bio-Engineering
  • TARDIS Legacy Crystallography Archive
  • Science of Learning

More information on each research data set is available on the Collections page.

VicNode Live with Vault Storage for the Synchrotron

VicNode is excited to announce that two services came online this week.

The Monash Operating Centre now has the capability to provide raw access to Market and Vault storage types. On Thursday last week a service layer wrapping the IBM SONAS infrastructure went live, establishing an underpinning high quality, secure and robust platform for RDSI ReDS, DSDBI, and member supported storage.

Above this infrastructure platform, and over the next period, various research-oriented storage capabilities will be tuned and perfected. One of which will be for native Market and Vault access from R@CMon – Research Cloud node at Monash. Another is the consolidation of research infrastructure identity management, where the agile, highly successful and long-standing identity service from Multi-model Australian ScienceS Imaging and Visualisation Environment – (MASSIVE) is being leveraged. For those who can’t wait and live on the bleeding edge – all are available today through MeRC’s Healthy Hot House service model.

The first collection to make use of the Vault is the Store.Synchrotron-MX. Using the TaRDIS data management application, Store.Synctrotron.MX is now bursting its archival data away from the active data on Computational storage. On Friday VicNode’s first ingested byte of Vault occurred! From here the VicNode team is proceeding with collections of a similar usage methodology.

Look forward to more services and technology roll over into production in the weeks and months to come!  We’re a go on Market and Vault ingestion!

VicNode Research Data Infrastructure Specialist

Stephen DartThe VicNode Project is pleased to introduce Stephen Dart as the new Research Data Infrastructure Specialist. Stephen is now working full time for VicNode. He is here to help Victorian researchers get their collections hosted on VicNode services, as well as helping integrate the newly purchased storage equipment at Melbourne and Monash.

He is working with the Owen O’Neil (the VicNode Collections Manager) and the technical staff from both partner institutions to arrange access for Researchers and their communities.

Stephen has been well known to us in the past as the Research Storage Manager at Monash University (LaRDS) and has a long history of user advocacy, practical solutions and implementation successes.

“We have a pivotal opportunity to make a significant difference to the impact of the Victorian Research Community. Enabling researchers to leverage the national investment in research facilities and help build a sustainable infrastructure.”

If anyone would like to meet with Steve or Owen, please simply get in touch with VicNode to arrange a time.

Welcome along, Steve!

Merit Application deadlines for 2014

VicNode would like to announce the Merit Allocation submission deadlines for 2014.

  • Round 5: Friday, 14 February 2014
  • Round 6: Friday, 14 March 2014
  • Round 7: Friday, 11 April 2014
  • Round 8: Friday, 9 May 2014
  • Round 9: Friday, 13 June 2014
  • Round 10: Friday, 11 July 2014
  • Round 11: Friday, 8 August 2014
  • Round 12: Friday, 12 September 2014

If you need any assistance or more information on how to apply please contact us or your referral network partner.