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Monash Market and Vault DOWN

Dear VicNode Users,

The VicNode storage at Monash for Market and Vault shares went offline around 12:30pm on Tuesday 19th of April

This has affected all NFS mounts to SONAS and as a result, many services dependent on those mounts.

  • All NeCTAR VMs in the Monash Zone using NFS mounts on the storage server
  • Aspera Shares (except Latrobe Surface Science)
  • All MCC login and compute nodes with NFS mounts on the storage server
  • MASSIVE Market and Vault share

Monash University Infrastructure Services has declared a major incident and will be able to give more detail soon.

Stephen Dart



Planned non-disruptive maintenance at The University of Melbourne operating centre on January 19 and January 20

The University of Melbourne operating centre is planning two separate non disruptive 2-hour maintenance windows to perform essential maintenance on VicNode storage infrastructure next week.

Day 1: 19 January 11am – 1pm

Day2: 20 January 11am – 1pm

The affected storage products are:

  • VicNode@UoM – Market (NetApp Cluster)
  • VicNode@UoM – Vault (NetApp E-series)


We expect this to be a non-disruptive maintenance work.


  • It is recommended that users to retain a local copy of the data they are currently working on if access to the data is required during the maintenance
  • Ensure that the above items are completed well in advance of the maintenance start time

Users will be notified when the maintenance has been completed

If you have any queries regarding this planned maintenance work, please contact us by email:

Storage Decision Tree: Understanding storage options and tools

This week the VicNode team has been at eResearch Australasia talking to researchers about their storage requirements and discussing how VicNode can support them.

Researchers loved our Decision Tree poster — linking the researchers storage needs to our storage products, and the ways they can access their data. And we had many requests to make it available, so here it is …

Decision Tree Poster

For those of you wanting a quick overview of VicNode we also have an up-to-date summary poster.

VicNode Poster 2015

VicNode storing over 2PB of nationally significant research data!

VicNode has passed the 2 Petabyte (PB) mark for research data identified through the ReDS Merit Allocation Scheme stored on our infrastructure across both operating centres at Monash University and the University of Melbourne.

As of today VicNode is storing a total of 2,269.5TB of research data. This breaks down into:

VicNode (ReDS) National Merit Scheme – 2,232.9TB
VicNode (DSDBI) Victorian Merit Scheme – 36.6 TB

For a full list of all VicNode collections please check out


New application to apply for VicNode Storage

A new application has been created to apply for VicNode storage. This new application is shorter and will allow us to help researchers easily apply for storage.

Our new application can be found on the Apply for Storage and Documentation page.

To apply please submit your application via email to Once we receive your application we will be in touch to discuss your storage needs and workout the best solution for you and your team.

VicNode is gathering feedback

At VicNode we are always looking for ways to improve. We have started sending out a short two question survey to all the known users of VicNode. We promise you won’t receive more than one of these every six-months, but there are instructions on unsubscribing in the email if you would prefer not to receive these surveys.

Open data: Changing research

At the VicNode Office we’re always excited to hear how open data and technology are changing research. The latest inspirational story to come across our desks is Yuri Milner’s 100 million USD investment into the Listen Initiative. This project is conducting a survey of the million stars closest to the earth, searching for extraterrestrial life using some of the most powerful instruments available.

All the data from the Listen Initiative will be made open, with Milner saying, “we’re committed to bringing the Silicon Valley approach to the search for intelligent life in the Universe. Our approach to data will be open and taking advantage of the problem-solving power of social networks.”

The prospect of opening this data to the public has many people excited, both in and outside the research community. Dr Alan Duffy, Research Fellow at Swinburne University, is the data custodian for the VicNode hosted SMAUG—Hydrodynamic Simulations of First Galaxy Formation collection, said the following about the Listen Initiative on The Drum:

I think one of the biggest things will be the digital challenge. We have an enormous amount of data to search. That will be done in a way that is open source. Yuri Milner … wants this data to be out there for the general public to try and find the signal themselves. And look, if computer coding isn’t your forte you can also just download the SETI@home screensaver and it will just crunch the numbers while your computer is idle.

If you would like support to making your research data public, or would like to host a research data collection on infrastructure in Victoria, VicNode offers a range services to support researchers Victorian research institutions.