The VicNode Collections listed on this page were approved through the federally funded Research Data Storage Infrastructure ReDS initiative from 2013 – 2015 to identify and store research data of national significance. These collections are a subset of research data stored on VicNode.

The collections are grouped by the divisions defined under the FOR Code scheme:


01. Mathematical Sciences

02. Physical Sciences

03. Chemical Sciences

04. Earth Sciences

05. Environmental Sciences

06. Biological Sciences

07. Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences

08. Information and Computing Sciences

09. Engineering

10. Technology

11. Medical and Health Sciences

12. Built Environment and Design

13. Education

14. Economics

15. Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services

16. Studies in Human Society

17. Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

18. Law and Legal Studies

19. Studies in Creative Arts and Writing

20. Language, Communication and Culture

21. History and Archaeology

22. Philosophy and Religious Studies