Synchrotron Imaging and Medical Beamline Data

The imaging and Medical Beamline (IMBL) at the Australian Synchrotron is the most advanced instrument of its type in the world. The IMBL delivers the world’s biggest synchrotron X-ray beam:65 centimetres wide and five centimetres high.Datasets are typically tens of GB per sample as they consist of many hundreds of projection images and it is possible to acquire data from a single sample in less than a minute. Raw data volumes can be around 1TB per day due to the potentially very high throughput. Data can only be retained at the Australian Synchrotron for about 60 days after which researchers must remove their data and lose the benefits of a unique facility for rapid, collaborative data analysis and visualisation. RDSI provides an opportunity to build a world unique collection of X-ray imaging data that will be accessible to a large cohort of collaborative researchers on an HPC facility. This proposed storage infrastructure will accelerate and increase scientific output by leveraging infrastructure with significant investment.