CO2 CRC Research Data and Publication Collection

Capturing carbon dioxide that would otherwise be emitted to the atmosphere and storing it in geological formations—is the only technology available to make deep cuts in greenhouse gas emissions while still using fossil fuels and much of today’s energy infrastructure. The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) is one of the world’s leading collaborative research organisations focused on carbon dioxide capture and geological storage. The CO2CRC is a joint venture comprising participants from Australian and global industry, universities and other research bodies from Australia and New Zealand, and Australian Commonwealth, State and international government agencies. Since 2004, more than 150 researchers in Australia and New Zealand have collaborated to develop safe and economical CCS technologies that will make deep cuts in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. This research includes: (1) Desk top modelling and laboratory testing of processes important to the uptake of carbon capture and storage, (2) Demonstrate the technologies in the CO2CRC’s two major carbon capture and storage demonstration projects in Australia: the Otway Project for geological storage of CO2 and; the UNO MK 3 CO2 Capture Plant. The outcomes of this research take numerous forms. Data acquired in the CO2CRC are commonly retained as raw data and interpreted form for use in the ongoing demonstration activities. IP from the research is then stored as an internal report, and commonly also shared as peer reviewed articles. The data generated by CO2CRC is currently managed through the CO2CRC’s Publication Tracking System, and various research institutions. This dual data storage system is awkward, yet viable for short term data storage. However, when researchers change roles, managing this data becomes difficult. In addition, as a short term funded entity, CO2CRC cannot store or manage this data in the long term.