Data Collection for the Epigenetics and Chromatin (EpiC) Research Laboratory, Monash University

DNA is packaged into chromatin which is differentially modified to reflect gene expression. The rapid advances in DNA sequencing technology in recent years has led to the generation of massively detailed datasets which are available online. The ability to freely analyse these datasets (histone modifications, DNA methylation, DNAseI hypersensitive sites, transcription factor binding sites, nucleosome positioning, RNA expression data) is crucial for any lab studying epigenetics and chromatin. The EpiC lab is attempting to understand the role of a histone variant, H3.3, at specialised regions of the genome. In order to achieve this, we need to access, store and analyse large genome-wide sequencing files and cross-reference publically available datasets to any data generated within the lab. The main analysis software is SeqMonk. This software can only be used via a graphical user interface and will require access to large data sets, and will generate data sets of the order of 4TB. Eventually specific data sets will need to become accessible to groups outside Monash Unviersity, particularly to enable visualisation via the UCSC Genomic Browser.