Monash Macromolecular Crystallisation Facility Data Store

Macromolecular crystallography provides unparalleled details of the 3D structure of biological macromolecules and has become a crucial part of modern structural biology research, which provides the basis for the rational design of therapeutics. In recent years, new automated, high5throughput, crystallisation techniques have led to a dramatic increase in the size and number of image data generated. As a result, the storage, handling and accessibility of such data has posed significant challenges to the research community. At present, the responsibility of requesting and maintaining image data falls to individual researchers and/or research groups. We propose that a centrally managed and integrated image data collection, with common handling solutions is required to (i) facilitate discovery and analysis of data, (ii) facilitate sharing of imaging data with collaborators and after peer5review with wider research community, (iii) mitigate the risk of data loss and (iv) provide a framework for enhancing data accessibility and development of future image analysis platforms. This Collection will make data from research grants totaling $55M accessible to researchers and provide a mechanism to make published data available for re-use.