Monash Histology Platform Aperio Data Storage

Microscopy in Histology has changed remarkably over the past few years, and imaging and access to online analysis tools for screening and annotating slides is rapidly becoming the standard within any technologically advanced facility. The purchase of the AT and FL Aperio Scanscope units by the Monash Histology Platform has accelerated these technological advances. As a result, there has been a dramatic increase in the storage requirements for imaged slides that require access by researchers, research groups and their collaborators locally, nationally and internationally. Researchers are commanding ease of access to their acquired images as well as the ability to easily share data with all collaborators. This Collection will facilitate researcher access to imaging data generated from research grants across a number of disciplines. It will facilitate sharing of data with collaborators, reduce the risk of data loss and allow the potential re-use of published data within the wider research community following peer review.