National Server Program storage allocation

The NeCTAR National Server Program (NSP) addresses the need for a robust and reliable national hosting infrastructure for those core eResearch services and research applications requiring high levels of reliability and availability. Applications to host services on the National Servers Program (NSP) are reviewed by the NSP Allocation Committee. This committee comprises representatives from around Australia, and they review applications for a merit allocation according to the following four criteria: (1) The service underpins the integrated management or access to collaboration, data, compute or analysis resources and capabilities, (2) The service is considered a core to other eResearch services and activities, (3) The service will support activities by researchers from multiple institutions, and (4) The service has suitable maintenance and user support resources in place. Core eResearch services are defined as those that support or underpin research activities of national relevance to researchers from multiple institutions and disciplines. The NSP has been in operation since 2011, and now plays host to a number of nationally significant platforms, each of which typically have small individual storage requirements. Collectively this totals approximately 86TB The NSP hosts services and applications developed and supported by institutions from across Australia and provided nationally for the use of researchers to aid in collaborations and cost effective research outcomes.