BioPlatforms Australia National Genomics Data Storage Facility

Steven Quenette, Monash University

The Bioplatforms Australia (BPA) initiative aims to develop framework datasets and partnerships that provide an information infrastructure that researchers will be able to access to address significant questions relating to biological systems of importance to Australian biomedical, environmental, agricultural and translational science.

BPA will support world class science and innovation through a facilitated selection process. To ensure research agendas of the highest calibre and impact are supported, the starting point for all project development activities will be awarded peer reviewed collaborative grants such as ARC Centres of Excellence, NHMRC program grants, CRCs and CSIRO Flagships. Others may be considered as appropriate.

Please see For more information (under ‘National Genomics Data Storage Facility’)

Steve Quenette at the Australian Synchrotron was awarded 275 TB of storage for this collection under the RDSI ReDS Scheme—with 250 TB of Vault storage and 25 TB of Computational Storage.