Cancer Therapeutics CTXCRC

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Paul Reeve, Cancer Therapeutics CRC

Cancer CRC CTx, was formed in 2007 and remains the only Australian CRC dedicated to cancer research.  CTx has assembled a partnership of leading Australian Research Institutes and Universities together with end user companies to take Australia’s top cancer research outputs and translate them into new therapies for cancer patients. Novel cancer pathways associated with the tumour microenvironment or growth  are targetted to develop new treatments for gastric, ovarian, breast, brain and pancreatic cancers, melanoma and leukaemia for adults and children.

CTx provides participants with access to a suite of eResearch tools whereby all research data and information is captured, stored and preserved. The datasets are from research programs in (1) bioactive discovery, (2) lead generation and (3) lead optimisation focusing on cancer biology, translational oncology, drug discovery and commercialisation of cancer therapeutics.

Paul Reeve of the Cancer Therapeutics CRC was awarded 30TB of Computational storage.