Metabolomics Data Repository

VicNode ID 2014R13.3

Dr Saravanan Dayalan, University of Melbourne

This repository is to be part of the storage allocation of the “Victorian Genomics Collection” at VLSCI and will be the first of its kind in the national metabolomics community. This repository is aimed at collating data resulting from high throughput metabolomics experiments that are run at the Bio21 and School of Botany sites of Metabolomics Australia. This repository is aimed at providing life science researchers a platform for accessing and sharing Metabolomics data.  This repository is envisioned to work in conjunction with the MASTR-MS” LIMS and data management solution that has been developed at Metabolomics Australia. Since this data is located alongside the genomics data collection, this repository would be well placed to conduct multi-omics data analysis.

Dr Saravanan Dayalan at the University of Melbourne was awarded 50 TB of storage for this collection under the RDSI ReDS Scheme—with 50TB of Market storage.