Store.Monash Data Store

VicNode ID 2015MON002

Anitha Kannan, Monash University

This collection will enable imaging/instrument facilities and platforms that do not have access to their own VicNode storage allocation, to provide researchers a mechanism to make their data accessible and the ability to make published data available for re-use.

The Store. Monash research data management service built upon the MyTardis platform provides researchers using the Monash Technology Research Platforms and Instruments Facilities the ability to easily share their data with collaborators while also providing them with safe, long term data storage and analysis platform.

Store.Monash provides researchers a single interface to manage data generated across different instruments and modalities. This ability to collaborate over multimodal research data is a powerful tool for the imaging and characterization community

Anitha Kannan at Monash University was awarded 10TB of storage – with 10TB of Market storage.