The University of Melbourne Herbarium (MELU)

The University of Melbourne Herbarium was established in the School of Botany in 1926 and is also part of the unique and valuable cultural collections of the University of Melbourne.The Herbarium collection has since become a vital teaching and research resource not only within the University but also in the State of Victoria and throughout Australia. Specimens used for research across the University are deposited in the Herbarium, providing re-testable evidence of the scientific findings. Through these contributions dating back to the 1850’s, and some were collected by one famous Victorian Government Botanist Von Mueller. Today the Herbarium collection totals approximately 100,000 dried, pressed plant specimens from all major plant groups and is still growing.

The University of Melbourne Herbarium is also a content provider to the Atlas of Living Australia, via Australian Virtual Herbarium, which is a national database that contains all of Australia’s flora and fauna information. Once the images of type specimens have been completed (in 2015) at the University of Melbourne Herbarium, these will also be delivered to the Global Plants database; a global database of plant type specimens that is an essential resource for institutions supporting research and teaching in botany, ecology, and conservation studies.