How to configure CloudBerry Explorer (for OpenStack Cloud Storage)

Download and Install CloudBerry Explorer

  1. If you do not already have CloudBerry Explorer, then download and install it on your computer.
  2. Launch CloudBerry Explorer
  3. Click File > OpenStack > New Account

    The new account dialog requires you to enter some fields

  4. Display name: use a meaningful name to this account (e.g., using the tenant name of your project will reduce confusion)
  5. User name: your NeCTAR username (e.g.,your NeCTAR ID
  6. API key: your keystone password
  7. Authentication Service:
  8. Select  2 in the Keystone version: drop-down menu
  9. Select the Tenant name option from the drop-down menu and insert your Tenant name (e.g., VicNode-Test2 in the case below)CloudBerry_VicNode_Account
  10. Click on the Test Connection button to verify all fields are correct and the Connection Success green tick appears.
    Click OK to exit the test.
  11. Click OK to save the definition in your known Registered Accounts.
  12. You are now ready for operation

Note: When you create containers, remember to do so in the VicNode Region to utilize your VicNode allocated quota. You will be able to create containers in other zones, but storing objects will fail due to not having a quota in those Regions.