How to configure Cyberduck (for Openstack Swift)

Download, Install and Update Cyberduck

If you do not already have Cyberduck, then download and install it on your computer. You can confirm it is updated to the latest released version by opening Cyberduck:

  1. Go to Edit > Preference > Update
  2. Select Release from the dropdown menu of “Automatically check for updates in” then click on Check for Update

Configuring Cyberduck for a VicNode Allocation

  1. Download VicNode Cyberduck profile here to your Desktop and double-click on it
  2. From the menu bar select File > New Browser > Bookmarks > and then click on the + sign at the bottom
  3. At the top of the dialog box, select Openstack Swift for VicNode (Keystone) in the drop down menu, then fill each of the input fields:
    • Nickname: use a meaningful name to this account (e.g., using the tenant name of your project will reduce confusion)
    • Server:
    • Port: 5000
    • Tenant ID:Username: this will actually be in the form of
      <TenantName>:<NeCTAR Username>.
      (e.g.,  )
  4. Save the new definition by closing the dialog window (the Red Button X at top right)
    There is no explicit Save or Cancel button to this dialog.
  5. Now you can Double Click on the new bookmark you have just created and connect to your storage allocation
  6. The first time, you will be asked to insert your Secret Key: which is your keystone password (API Key). You can tick Save password so it can be saved for later reuse.CyberDuckLogin
  7. Click the Login button and the file browser should then open. You can begin uploading/downloading files.