Access the VicNode LiveArc Service via the Mediaflux Desktop web server.

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What—LiveArc is a data management platform for managing digital assets. It is in use by a small but growing number of Victorian and Australian data collections, particularly in bioinformatics.

Why—RDSI’s DaSh programme has identified LiveArc as a useful collection management system that would be useful to researchers in managing their ReDS research data. As a result, RDSI has provided each Node with an unlimited LiveArc license to facilitate the uptake of this tool.

How—LiveArc is installed at VicNode’s operating centre at the University of Melbourne on behalf of all Victorian researchers.

When—LiveArc is ready for host systems to access and use. Mediaflux Desktop for users is expected to be available soon.


Making a collection accessible using LiveArc

Once you have an approved storage allocation on VicNode, you can request that all or part of this allocation may be made accessible using the LiveArc service by emailing VicNode Support with your request.

Each collection that has LiveArc access exists as a unique and private Domain within the service. Each Domain has distinct ownership and membership rules on an account by account basis. The portions that a collection owner/curator chooses to make public and read-only has no default settings and as such, can be set to meet the collections specific requirements for visibility, sharing, role management, and data ingestion.

Data can be ingested into LiveArc via a specific process, or via the Mediaflux Desktop client. During the ingest process, meta-data about the each asset ingested is extracted and indexed. New indexes and meta-data can be added to a collection any time.

Installing and configuring the Mediaflux Desktop client

Details coming soon

Uploading and Downloading files using the Mediaflux Desktop client

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Managing access to your collection

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