This storage is used with your NeCTAR computational instance located at Monash University or The University of Melbourne NeCTAR nodes.  It tightly couples your research data via high-bandwidth high-performance connections with computational processing facilities. This provides you with low latency access to storage which is ideal for high-performance database applications and the high through-put of large volumes of data.

Your data will be protected at a modest level against hardware failure, however the protection of data stored here is left up to you. As the data is accessed via the computational facility and may change frequently, only you will know what data needs to be protected and at what frequency.

When you need to truly protect your data, you should move on to one of the other storage types.

For more information please contact the VicNode office at


Operating Centre
Monash University & The University of Melbourne
Kind of data use Data requiring high speed storage tightly coupled to specialist high performance computing facilities
Data expected to change Yes
Data Protection Only the inherent data protection capabilities provided by the disk storage technology are available for the computational service, such as RAID and parity checking. These measures are sufficient to allow data to be recovered in case of some infrastructure failure. They do not address the issue of users with appropriate access rights deleting data, or a catastrophic hardware failure. VicNode cannot add user-specific protection to storage mediated by a compute facility access management layer.
Access to previous versions No
Data Custodian access Mediated access through a NeCTAR VM only
Data User access management Managed by Data Custodian
Available access methods and protocols Mediated access through the NeCTAR Research Cloud using API, SFTP, SSH, etc.
Underlying Storage Medium
Technology @ Mon
Computational storage using DELL commodity blade hardware, made available through OpenStack Cinder to the NeCTAR Research Cloud.
Technology @ UoM
Computational storage using the NetApp performance FAS3200 disk platform, made available as iSCSI connected volumes via the Openstack Cinder protocol to the NeCTAR Research Cloud.