Market @UoM

This storage applies to most of your active research data use cases.

For disaster recovery purposes your data is replicated in a second location in Melbourne.

In addition your data will be automatically replicated by isolating changed data on a regular cycle and copying those changes off the disk at the end of the day. The copied isolated changes will be retained for the default period of 30 days. These copies will count towards your usage quota.

This storage is based on performance disk, so you will get acceptable response times when accessing or modifying your data. However, this will ultimately depend on the speed of your network connection.


This storage type offers a number of access and transfer services that help you best utilise this storage offering. These are hosted services run by the Research Platform Services team at The University of Melbourne.

Service Hosted Info
Aspera is a data transfer technology that can significantly reduce the time taken to transfer data.
Mediaflux is a data management platform for managing digital assets. It is in use by a small but growing number of Victorian and Australian data collections, particularly in bioinformatics.

For more information please contact the VicNode office at


Operating Centre
The University of Melbourne
Kind of data use Data collections that are under development in a research project
Data expected to change Yes
Data Protection Off-site replication where 2 sets of data are stored in geographically separate locations with daily snapshots. Checksums are applied to data at a block level when data is first ingested. Each block in subsequent copies of the data is also check-summed. These sums are checked periodically.
Access to previous versions Users can access changes up to 30 days
Data Custodian access Mediated access through a VM, or by VicNode operated user interfaces
Data User access management
Managed by Data Custodian
Available access protocols
iSCSI, API, NFS, CIFS (UoM only)
Underlying Storage Medium
Market storage using the NetApp performance FAS3200 disk platform, made available as NFS virtual servers.
CEPH and GLUSTER are also available we can discuss with you what these options provide.