Vault (Object) @UoM

This is the VicNode storage type for the dissemination and preservation of research data provided and operated by Research Platform Services at The University of Melbourne.

This storage can be accessed from the desktop through a 3rd party tool or via an internet browser.

If you are the research data custodian, you are able to manage and control access to your data. This type of storage provides the highest level of data corruption prevention.


This storage type offers a number of access and transfer services that help you best utilise this storage offering. There are hosted services run by Research Platform Services at The University of Melbourne and services that you manage yourself.

Service Hosted Info
Mediaflux is a data management platform for managing digital assets. It is in use by a small but growing number of Victorian and Australian data collections, particularly in bioinformatics.
The Vault (Object) storage is provided through the OpenStack Swift protocol, there are a number of tools that can be used to interface with this storage type. A list of tools that we can assist you with can be found here.

For more information please contact the VicNode office at


Operating Centre
The University of Melbourne
Kind of data use Completed data collections that are regularly accessed
Data expected to change Rarely
Data Protection Off-site replication where 2 sets of data are stored in geographically separate locations
Access to previous versions Versioning is optional and managed by the Data Custodian
Data Custodian access Direct access via an API, URL, or desktop interface
Data User access management
Managed by Data Custodian
Available access protocols
OpenStack Swift Object store
Underlying Storage Medium
Technology @UoM
Vault storage using the NetApp high density E5400 disk platform, made available as object storage via the OpenStack Swift protocol to the Internet.