Institutional Subscription

Research organisations can purchase storage services via an Institutional subscription on behalf their entire organisation and manage access to their storage. VicNode is able to configure a range of solutions based on your requirements.

Why subscribe to VicNode?
VicNode can work with you to:

  • Identify and document the best technical solution to meet your needs
  • Enable more extensive national and international collaboration around research data beyond institutional boundaries
  • Outsource the management and operation of storage infrastructure
  • Lower the cost of institutional data storage
  • Facilitate research data compliance and policy needs
  • Develop an open, accessible, expandable research data management infrastructure and tools
  • Join the NCRIS eResearch communities

To realise the benefits on offer, we recommend you commit to staying with VicNode with a period of at least 12 months. The costs are directly related to your allocation.

How do I get involved?

Please contact the VicNode Office.

What we’ll need to know:

  • What volume of storage is required?
  • What are the access and usage patterns?
  • Expected growth rate of your storage allocation?
  • How should the storage be accessed and managed?

From the above information, we will proposed a solution that we think fits your needs.

Things that we’ll need to agree upon include:

Processes we’ll need to make sure are in place:

  • Access Management (by Access Method)
  • Billing and pPayment
  • Reporting
  • Support
  • Terms and Conditions Agreement

Please contact the VicNode Office if you are interested and have any questions.